The Geniality behind the Marketing of Jacquemus/ Nike collaboration

This collaberation is a wonderfull example of how to maximize your reach in a Marketing Campaign. By partnering with another brand that shares similar values and vision, but also offers complementary strengths and assets, brands can create something new and exciting that resonates with consumers and stands out from the competition.

Jacquemus, the brainchild of Simon Porte Jacquemus since 2009, has charmed the fashion world with its whimsical and minimalist creations, drawing inspiration from the picturesque Provence region of France. Similarly, Nike, the iconic American sportswear giant, has been synonymous with innovation and performance since its inception. With a rich history of collaborations with brands like Caviar Kaspia, The Woolmark Company, and Swarovski, Jacquemus has demonstrated a penchant for pushing creative boundaries. Likewise, Nike’s collaborative endeavors have consistently showcased its commitment to blending style with functionality.

What makes the collaboration between Jacquemus and Nike particularly compelling is the convergence of their shared values of innovation, authenticity, and boundary-pushing creativity. Both brands are celebrated for their ability to transcend traditional norms and create products that resonate with diverse audiences. By merging Jacquemus’s avant-garde aesthetic with Nike’s athletic legacy, the collaboration has birthed a collection that seamlessly marries fashion and function. This fusion of styles not only amplifies the appeal of the individual brands but also sets a new benchmark for collaborative ventures in the fashion industry.


On 26 February 2024, the Jacquemus x Nike Spring 2024 collection was dropped exclusively at Jacquemus. One notable item in this collection is the unique ‘Le Swoosh Bag’. This latest collaboration is presented by none other than the fastest woman in the world: American athlete Sha’Carri Richardson.


Plain Jayne Agency decided the Swoosh Bag Deserved a campaign of its own... So we decided to do so! See the results of what the Swoosh Bag campaign would look like with the Market Mastery Strategy.

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